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Mary Shelley’s Frankestein for iOS and Android. Get the most out of this interactive story full of games and mystery.

Bringing the story to life

Mary Shelley’s classic novel confronts us with the eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein. He plays Prometheus by creating human life but became horrified by what he had made…

Listen to the narration of the story or become you yourself the narrator. You can record you and re-listen to it as many times as you please!

A truly interactive app full of animations, games and sound effects to guide you through this incredible adventure.

Look carefully at each illustration and find the hidden secrets. Touch the screen and activate puzzles and logic games making the story enjoyable and fun.

Original illustrations, music and narrations

Touch of Classic’s amazing team of creatives, illustrators, musicians and actors have developed the original material which appear in our Apps.

Our bilingual Apps allow kids to listen to the narrations in Spanish, as well as in English. A nice way of learning the language of Cervantes!


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