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Discover the greatest ever tale of pirates as imagined by R.L. Stevenson. Be the protagonist, Jim Hawkins, in this interactive version. For Android and Blackberry

Bringing the story to life

Discover the treasure map and sail along with your friends Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey and Captain Smollet.

Treasure Island will put your skills to the test. You will need to solve puzzles and overcome games. Find all the gold coins which are hidden within this fascinating adventure. Can you find them all?

Did you know that Stevenson inspired Long John Silver on the one-legged poet William Ernest Henley in order to create on of his most famous characters?

Original illustrations, music and narrations

Touch of Classic’s amazing team of creatives, illustrators, musicians and actors have developed the original material which appear in our Apps.

Our bilingual Apps allow kids to listen to the narrations in Spanish, as well as in English. A nice way of learning the language of Cervantes!


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What they think about us

“There is a lot of quality here and its wonderful to see actual literary classics reinvented to appeal to a new and very digital generation.”


“Both the comical caricatures and the incidental graphics are richly detailed and elaborately designed.”

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