The Adventures of Don Quixote


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Get to know the  great Spanish literature classic, Don Quixote, through an interactive story. Fun for the entire family. For iOS and Android.

Bringing the story to life

Cervantes’ most famous book has been summarized by selecting the best-known scenes. A clear and refreshing version in verse, more accessible and attractive, is now available to the youngest readers.

Throughout the story are opportunities to interact with the characters and elements in the scenes and puzzles and riddles to solve. The digital format allows us recreate the story by showing two parallel worlds: the real world of the time, and the magical world that resides in only Don Quixote’s imagination. Touching the illustrations in certain places transforms the scene form one world to another.

Travel with the famous knight and try to find all the secrets of La Mancha.

Original illustrations, music and narrations

Touch of Classic’s amazing team of creatives, illustrators, musicians and actors have developed the original material which appear in our Apps.

Our bilingual Apps allow kids to listen to the narrations in Spanish, as well as in English. A nice way of learning the language of Cervantes!


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“The Adventures of Don Quixote is an excellent modern implementation of the classic novel by Miguel de Cervantes.”

“Entertaining for all users. Exciting app.”

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